Want To Know How We’ll Jazz Up Your Venue?

STEP 1: Choose Your Favourite Digital Video Jukebox

We carry state-of-the-art Digital Video Jukeboxes. Sleek design, HD display, and amazing music video collections – these are only a few of the many wonderful features.

Our Jukeboxes stand out when it comes to a feature that none of our competitors offers – the ability to create and display in-house ads, promotions, specials, announcements, etc.

Give your venue a makeover by replacing your conventional chalkboard with one of our new-age digital display units!

Call or email us for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to meet you in your location, assess your needs, show you all available options and recommend a system that will best suit your venue.

STEP 2: We’ll Figure Out The Necessary Accessories

We have several accessories that go with the Jukebox. Amplifiers, speakers, high-quality cables, flat screen TVs, and so much more – we have them all. Once you choose your Jukebox, tell us where you want it installed. We’ll then find the best way to integrate our accessories depending on your needs. For instance, if you want to provide your customers more flexibility in listening to music, we can create two distinct listening zones for better control and convenience.

STEP 3: Tell Us How You Want It Installed

It’s always better to have a dedicated setup for your Digital Video Jukebox so your customers can enjoy exclusive entertainment without any interruptions.

If you have a spare TV and/or audio system, we can hook up our Jukebox into your existing setup, if not, don’t fret.

We’ll bring you a TV and all related accessories, and configure your installation to seamlessly work with our equipment.

Start Wooing Your Customers

Our high-quality Digital Video Jukeboxes are head-turners for sure. Once your customers set their eyes on the laser-sharp music videos and hear their favourite sound-tracks, there’s no going back. They WILL want to check it out. Once they check it out, they’ll want to come back to your bar over and over again to recreate their experiences. There’s no stopping!

All our Digital Video Jukeboxes are coin-operated. Once the Jukebox is installed, your customers can relax and enjoy their favourite music videos for as long as they want. Isn’t that cool and convenient?

Never Worry About Support

Our clients mean the world to us. When you run into trouble, you don’t have to deal with it all by yourself. Help is just a call away – we’re by your side always.

If you face technical issues, have questions, or simply need to update your music video library, you can reach us over phone or email anytime. Our friendly customer support staff will address all your concerns on time.

Don’t you want to give your customers the best in-house entertainment experience they’ll remember? Then there’s no reason why you should wait. Fill out the form below, and one of our agents will be in touch with you soon. Or, simply pick up the phone and give us a shout!

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